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The most used by WorldTour Teams.

The Fly Team water bottle was born from the need to adapt the premium design of the Fly line with the clothing, logos and distinctive taste of each of our teams.

In fact, it is no coincidence that the Fly Elite are currently the most used water bottles in the world by professional teams.

Being in partnership with the most influential professional teams in the world is a source of great pride for us, as we have always considered our collaborations a precious opportunity to interact with athletes and guarantee them top-level performance with our products in the catalogue.

Maximum delivery on the run.

We are proud to supply the greatest teams in the world with the most technical and stylish water bottle we have in our catalogue.

The ergonomic cap with push-pull valve and the generous opening make the Fly Team ideal tools to ensure a high flow of liquid while running and convenient maintenance of the bottle.


The greater flow is also given by the soft body of the bottle: just squeeze it with a light pressure of the hand. The sinuous premium shape makes this bottle a champion of style for the accessories of your Specialissima.

Less material, greater performance.

Elite's Fly water bottles are characterized by a sporty design and structure, immediately recognisable, designed to fully respond to what athletes in the cycling community consider essential requirements for their products: the possibility of pedaling lightly and hydrating quickly.

This is why our Research and Development Team decided to actively work on the thickness of the bottle, which is thus made with thinner materials on the central part and thicker on the top and bottom of the bottle.

This allows the Fly Team to be the ideal tool for competitions: its ergonomic squeeze structure manages to guarantee a truly exceptional grip, also ensuring a rapid and above all abundant jet of water at the slightest pressure of the hand.

The variable thickness structure also allowed us to reduce the quantity of plastic material used, without affecting the resistance of the product and its functional qualities. And in fact our Fly Team boasts a lightness of 30% less than other traditional water bottles available on the market.

Cutting-edge materials.

The Fly Team is made of innovative, odourless, soft and resistant plastic material, the result of 3 years of studies with University Research Centres.

All our bottles are made with FDA approved materials and comply with European CE regulations regulating materials intended for contact with food. They are also entirely BPA-Free and recyclable in separate waste collection.

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