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ELITE FLY TEX RED BOTTLE 750 ml. | Reference: E1607198RED



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Fly Elite

The Elite Fly Tex is the bottle most used by WorldTour champions due to its incredible lightness. It is among the lightest water bottles in the world.

Its record weight (just 51 grams in the 550 ml version) allows us not only to guarantee less use of plastic material, but also to ensure an easily compressible ergonomic structure perfect for offering maximum delivery at minimum hand pressure and a grip exceptional in running.

The Fly Tex is available in numerous color variations for a perfect match with your bike frame and bottle cage. The bottle is characterized by a very sporty and immediately recognizable design with a new texture designed to optimize the grip and seal of the bottle. Ideal when you're on the run.

Abundant dispensing of liquid

The cap of the Fly Tex bottle is made to guarantee fast and abundant liquid dispensing.

Easy to open and close with the mouth, the valve is designed to ensure maximum performance during sporting and competitive use, while the quick-unscrew cap with increased opening makes cleaning and filling operations comfortable and easy.

The greater flow is also given by the soft body of the Fly Tex: it crushes with a slight pressure of the hand.

Compact design

The iconic and distinctly racing design of the Fly Tex is designed to guarantee maximum stability of the bottle in any bottle cage with the standard diameter of 74 mm, and thus facilitate its extraction while racing even on gravel bikes and mountain bikes, equipped with central triangle frames reduced.

A practical and sustainable design designed to eliminate excess material and thickness right from the design stage and guarantee maximum lightness and stability for the final product.

Less plastic, just performance

Elite believes in the responsibility of every athlete to take care of the world and nature that provide the backdrop to our cycling adventures. This is why we are proud to use 30% less plastic than other water bottles for the production of Fly Tex and to therefore encourage the choice of this product.

In fact, Fly Tex uses a minimum percentage of material to create the bottle body, which is light in design already in the design phase. A more sustainable model that helps us reduce the impact of our production and our CO2 emissions in the environment, right from the first project draft. Cutting-edge materials, hygienic

The bottle is made of innovative plastic materials, BPA free, odorless and soft to the touch to guarantee its squeeze characteristics, all the result of over 3 years of study with university research centres.

The bottle is also hygienic and easy to wash. To help our customers hydrate as best as possible and properly sanitize their water bottles, the Fly Tex are equipped with an opening 20% larger than the standard to facilitate filling the liquid or supplements and at the same time facilitate the operations of wash.

The Fly Tex have an easily dismantled structure to allow you to dry both the bottle body and the cap with valve at the end of the wash.