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ELITE JET GREEN BOTTLE 550 ML | Reference: 0201011



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Jet Green

The Jet Green is the new Elite bottle with a bioplastic body of plant origin from sugar cane.

This bio-based bottle is just one of the many projects undertaken by Elite to make the production cycles of its cycling product catalog as sustainable as possible.

The Jet Green is a comfortable, reusable, high-performance bottle with a green soul thanks to the bioplastic body.

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First, what is bio plastic?

The bioplastic obtained from sugar cane is defined as bio-based plastic as it is not derived from petroleum, but from organic vegetable sources. In our case, sugar cane.

The bio-based ethanol used for the Jet Green bottle body can be an excellent substitute for petroleum for the creation of products capable of guaranteeing the same qualities as traditional plastic, but with a reduced environmental impact in terms of emissions.

Sustainable ecological footprint

The goal of making bio-plastic bottles is to obtain a carbon neutral production, i.e. capable not only of reducing, but also of offsetting CO2 emissions due to the contribution of oxygen into the atmosphere from sugar cane cultivation .

To understand the advantage in terms of emissions, think of the production of a thousand water bottles.

To produce a thousand Jet Green starting from sugar cane, we managed to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by about 160 kilograms, which corresponds to about 3 kg of CO2 for every kilogram of plastic produced.

This is also possible because the sugar cane used for the Jet Greens comes from sustainable crops, i.e. not derived from deforestation.

Thanks to its great reproductive qualities, sugar cane grows in abundance even in small arable spaces.

Also comfortable, thanks to a generous flow

In addition to being more eco-friendly than traditional plastic bottles, the Jet Green is also convenient to use while running while you're on your bike.

In fact, the cap of the bottle features the same technology used to make the Fly to ensure a rapid and abundant jet of water when hydrating on the bike.

In addition to the soft bottle body in squeezable material, the comfortable push-pull valve, easy to open and close with the mouth, also contributes to a perfect drink, perfect for sports-competitive use.

The quick-twist opening makes it easier to wash and dry the bottle after each use.

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