BOTTLE ELITE FLY CMC-WCC | Reference: E1604778




Fly Elite is the lightest sports bottle available worldwide. Its exceptional lightness of only 54g (550ml) is given by the innovative structure with variable thicknesses, which helps to make the bottle incredibly squeezable. The ideal tool to ensure an abundant jet of water at the slightest hand pressure. Essential features for any cyclist, especially in racing.


New unmistakable and distinctly racing design designed to ensure greater stability of the product in the bottle cage and facilitate its extraction in the race
The ergonomic cap with wider and more hygienic flat push-pull valve, and the wider FLY ELITE opening guarantee high liquid delivery. The greater flow is also given by the soft body of the bottle: it is squeezed with a slight pressure
Ergonomic grip: surface with a particular grip
The bottle is made of innovative plastic materials, BPA free, odorless and soft to the touch to guarantee its squeeze characteristics, all the result of over 3 years of study with university research centers
It has a compact shape which makes it easy to use even with smaller frames
Standard diameter 74 mm: compatible with most bottle cages on the market
The Fly can be easily washed in the dishwasher at 40 ° C and has an easily disassembled structure to allow both the bottle body and the cap with valve to be dried at the end of the wash
Capacity 550ml
Light: 54 gr
Dishwasher safe (T. max = 40 ° C)
Maximum liquid temperature 40°C