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A new model of water bottle in biodegradable material.

The Elite range of cycling water bottles this year includes a new special model, the Jet bottle made of biodegradable material.

Available in 4 sizes to adapt to any cycling hydration need (350ml, 550ml, 750ml and 950ml), the Jet combines the best performance qualities of the Elite water bottle catalog such as lightness, abundant delivery and maintenance of a clean taste of water, while integrating the use of biodegradable plastic material to limit the impact of the bottle on the environment.

The organic alternative for your hydration

The creation of more sustainable alternatives to products such as sports water bottles, which already represent a more eco-friendly option compared to the classic disposable bottle, has over time become an increasingly pressing need in the face of a greater awareness on the use of plastic and the consequences of its impact on the environment.

The Jet water bottle responds to this prerogative as it is able to significantly reduce its decomposition time when disposed of in regular industrial composting flows, shaping itself as one of the most innovative alternatives to traditional water bottles made of non-biodegradable plastic.

The plastic material used to make the Jet is in fact treated with a special bio additive capable of allowing the microorganisms responsible for the biodegradation of the materials to attack the polymer chain of the plastic used. This process helps to significantly reduce the degradation time of the bottle (from 3 months to 5 years).

This is not possible for normal plastic-derived products (which take 100 to 1,000 years to decompose).

A new sophisticated design

The bottle is characterized by a new design that is at the same time sophisticated, sporty and functional which has allowed us to make the bottle body more resistant while maintaining its lightness and softness unchanged.

Distinguished by a sinuous and elegant profile, the Jet is made up of a bottle body shaped with a smaller diameter to make it easier to hold the bottle even in difficult conditions, facilitate extraction while running and guarantee greater stability of the product in the bottle cage.

With a standard diameter of 74 mm (66ml for the 350ml version), the Jet can be used with all traditional bottle cages on the market.

A fast and abundant dispensing

The Jet bottle includes the custom Elite cap equipped with an innovative push-pull valve which, in addition to making it easier to open and close during the race, is also designed to provide a faster and more abundant flow of water at any time.

The quick unscrew opening makes washing and drying the bottle easier.

Safe and odorless

Like all Elite bottles, the Jet is also made with certified plastic materials free of BPA (Bisphenol A), and therefore completely suitable for all the most restrictive European CE and American FDA regulations which regulate products that involve contact with liquids and foods .

The rubber valve of the bottle also boasts an innovative odorless and tasteless material designed to keep the flavor of the liquid contained inside unchanged.