EDGE 1040 GARMIN BUNDLE | Reference: 010-02503-11
EDGE 1040 GARMIN BUNDLE | Reference: 010-02503-11
EDGE 1040 GARMIN BUNDLE | Reference: 010-02503-11
EDGE 1040 GARMIN BUNDLE | Reference: 010-02503-11
EDGE 1040 GARMIN BUNDLE | Reference: 010-02503-11
EDGE 1040 GARMIN BUNDLE | Reference: 010-02503-11
EDGE 1040 GARMIN BUNDLE | Reference: 010-02503-11
EDGE 1040 GARMIN BUNDLE | Reference: 010-02503-11




RICH IN FUNCTIONALITY FOR PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS. Never stop pedaling with the innovative GPS cycle computer that guarantees maximum reliability when you need it most. Edge 1040 is designed for any cycling experience, from the most remote dirt trails to epic climbs.



STAMINA INFO: As you pedal, get detailed stamina information to check how much fuel is still left in your tank

CYCLING SKILLS AND ROUTE REQUIREMENTS: Rank your strengths on the bike, focus on improvements and prepare for a specific route

POWER GUIDE: Recommended Power Goals1 help you manage your efforts all the way

DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE MONITORING: Learn more about how your body responds to training. Track your VO2 max, recovery time, Training Load, Training Load focus, and more

TRAINING STATUS: How effective is your training? Automatically assess your recent exercise history and performance indicators to find out if your training is effective, too light or too intense

SUGGESTED DAILY WORKOUTS: For training guidelines based on your data and fitness level, receive daily bike training tips based on your current Training Load and maximum VO2

SYNCHRONIZE TRAINING PLANS: Download training programs outdoors or on the trainers from the Garmin Connect ™ app for smart devices, or synchronize your Edge device in real time with other apps, including the TrainingPeaks® app. Plus, you get instructions for completing skipped training sessions

ACCLIMATION TO HEAT AND ALTITUDE: Get ready to ride in all conditions. Find out how your body can withstand different environments with acclimatization to heat and altitude

CLIMBPRO FUNCTION: Automatically displays the remaining climb and slope as you ascend while following a path or trail. It will help you measure your efforts and visualize how much you miss to get to the top. You can also save your climbs for post-ride data analysis on your device or in the Garmin Connect app

NUTRITION AND HYDRATION NOTICES: Get all the data you need to always have the energy you need, kilometer after kilometer. Edge 1040 alerts you when it's time to drink or eat

CYCLING DYNAMICS: Use advanced cycling metrics designed to provide insights into how performance changes based on varying conditions such as location, bike setup, pedaling duration and more

MTB DYNAMICS: Track the data of every ride with mountain bike metrics, Every descent can be epic. Edge 530 monitors them all by detecting the number and distance of jumps and the time in flight

GRIT AND FLOW: The Grit evaluates the difficulty of a ride using GPS, altitude and other data. Flow measures the smoothness of pedaling during a descent and provides a score to pass next time

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Edge 1040 offers up to 35 hours of battery life even under heavy use and up to 70 hours in power saving mode. Double your battery life with the optional Garmin Charge ™ power pack

MULTI-BAND GNSS: Multi-system and multi-band GNSS technology ensures better position accuracy and greater coverage even in the harshest environments

BIKE ROUTE SPECIFIC MAPS: Ride safely on any type of bike with improved maps that highlight popular roads and trails, plus searchable points of interest (POIs)

TRAILFORKS APP: With world-class MTB trail data and Trailforks POIs, you can easily search for trails right on your Edge device. Or download the Trailforks app to transfer your planned routes from the Trailforks website

FORKSIGHT MODE: This mode automatically displays crossroads on the route and shows the context you are in within a network of trails

TURN INDICATIONS WITH PRONUNCIATION OF ROAD NAMES: Never miss the turn directions with pronounced street names that warn you of upcoming curves

OFF-ROUTE RECALCULATION: Leave the trail and explore new areas: the guided route and off-route notifications can be easily paused. And as soon as you want to get back on track, the Edge 1040 will show you how

COMPATIBLE WITH THE SHIMANO STEPS SYSTEM: Displays a screen dedicated to the status of the eBike, its data fields, the system status and its warnings. It also displays the pedal assistance level, the position of the gears, the battery life and much more during an ebike session

INREACH® DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Stay connected wherever you go by pairing your Edge with a compatible inReach device. View and reply to messages, share your travel data and activate interactive SOS alerts

VARIA ™ COMPATIBILITY: Pair the Edge 1040 Cyclocomputer with rearview radar and Varia radar antennas and Lights so you can see and be seen with ease

ACCIDENT DETECTION: This Edge model automatically sends a message with your location to the preloaded emergency contacts if it detects an accident

BIKE ALARM: The PIN protected bike alarm sends a notification directly to your smartphone when the bike is moved while you are taking a break

GROUP MESSAGES: Stay connected with your group of cyclists when you part with them

GROUPTRACK FUNCTION: Keep an eye on your fellow bikes, even when they are no longer visible, and let them monitor you too4. GroupTrack allows you to keep records of up to 50 users at a time. You simply have to look at the screen to see the updates

SMART NOTIFICATION: Receive text messages and alerts directly to your Edge device, when paired with a compatible smartphone

GARMIN CONNECT: The Garmin Connect app is the meeting point of a large online community where people can connect and compete and even share their results via social media

CONNECT IQ ™ STORE: Download custom data fields, apps and widgets from our Connect IQ Store app installed on your compatible smartphone

SMART TRAINER COMPATIBILITY: Pair Edge 1040 with your Tacx® trainers so you can ride whenever and wherever you want

AUTOMATIC SETUP: Get ready to pedal in minutes, without wasting time configuring settings. Get custom, pre-filled bike ride profiles based on your previous Edge computer, bike type, or sensors installed. Once set up on Edge, you can manage your profiles directly from your Bundle compatible device or smartphone

DIMENSIONS 59.3 x 117.6 x 20.0 mm (2.3 ″ x 4.6 ″ x 0.8 ″)

SCREEN SIZE, WXH 88.9mm (3.5 ″) diagonal

SCREEN RESOLUTION, WXH 282 x 470 pixels

WEIGHT: 126 g (4.4 oz)

BATTERY: Rechargeable lithium-ion

BATTERY LIFE: 35 hours


In the box:


- Edge® 1040

- Speed ​​and cadence sensors

- HRM-Dual ™ heart rate monitor

- Brackets (standard and front)

- USB cable

- Safety lanyard

- Documentation